8 Ft.Trailer Load: $185– The dimensions are 8’L X 4’H X 6’W.

12 Ft.Trailer Load: $235- The dimensions are 12’L X 4’H X 6’W.

16 Ft.Trailer Load: $285- The dimensions are 16’L X 4’H X 6′ W.

You can expect on-time friendly service with exact appointment times. Then you can get on with the rest of your day instead of waiting around for 2-4 hour windows.

Garage Cleanouts– Stop parking your car in the driveway, while the stuff you never use is nice and protected inside the garage. Large appliances like refrigerators, and washers and dryers can be hauled away along with furniture, mattresses, sporting goods, lumber, lawn equipment, clothing, and boxes and bags full of miscellaneous items.

Recycling– All efforts are made to recycle as many items as possible. All washers, dryers, refrigerators, computer monitors, and televisions are recycled.

Larger Load Capacity– By using 16 ft. trailers instead of 8 ft. dump trucks, you get double the load capacity for less money.

In & Out Quickly– The average job only takes 20 minutes to an hour.

Office Cleanouts– Nearly every office has the cubicle in the corner that becomes the graveyard for all of the outdated or broken equipment that nobody is sure what to do with.   Now you can have them taken away and recycled.

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